Introducing a groundbreaking advancement in gaming technology – an experimental PS4 (PlayStation 4) emulator designed exclusively for Linux platforms. Crafted with precision in C++, this innovative emulator holds the potential to reshape the gaming experience by allowing Linux users to explore the realm of PS4 games like never before.

Download RPCSX Emulator Latest Version

RPCSX Emulator is completely free to download PS4 Emulator and is currently only available for Linux devices. Since installing applications on Linux is a bit lengthy process and doesn’t require any application to install, please refer to our How to Install guide to get a comprehensive guide on the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RPCSX?

RPCSX serves as an experimental emulator designed for PS4 games, with plans to extend compatibility to PS5 games in the future. The development process is ongoing.

Is it possible to play Bloodborne using RPCSX?

At this time, Bloodborne is not supported.

Can RPCSX be executed on Windows operating systems?

No, RPCSX is currently limited to the Linux platform. However, this might change in the future, considering the majority of users utilize Windows.

How does the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) factor into this?

Firstly, no confirmed instances of RPCSX successfully running on WSL have been documented. Additionally, the official Vulkan build designed for WSL lacks the required functionalities. Moreover, the absence of crucial graphics drivers for WSL results in limited rendering capabilities restricted to CPU usage. It's worth noting that there exists an experimental shared-memory CUDA driver for WSL, primarily intended for TensorFlow/PyTorch applications. Advanced users can potentially explore integrating this with Vulkan, although this approach is not a standardized solution.

Where can I engage with developers and the community?

Please refer to the project's Discord server for interaction with developers and fellow community members.

How can I contribute?

If you're interested in contributing, our project roadmap is accessible on the aforementioned server, and the project's repository is hosted on GitHub.
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