Shining Resonance Refrain PS4 Game ROM Download

Shining Resonance Refrain Game Details

Release Year 10 Jul 2018
Genre Role-Playing Games (RPG)
Publisher SEGA
Image Format PKG
Game Version 1.0
Language English
Required firmware Compatible 6.72 (Use HEN Here)
Multiplayer no
Age rating 12+

Looking for a new exciting RPG for your PS4? Shining Resonance Refrain offers a captivating adventure with an engaging storyline.

Experience intense battles and breathtaking visuals in this game that has garnered praise for its gameplay and character development.

Shining Resonance Refrain Storyline

In Shining Resonance Refrain, players take on the role of Yuma Ilvern, a young man with the power of the “Shining Dragon” within him. He is targeted by the Empire for his unique ability, and must navigate through a world filled with political intrigue and war. Along the way, he is joined by a diverse cast of characters, each with their own special abilities and motivations.

The game features real-time combat, where players can seamlessly switch between different party members to utilize their unique skills and abilities. As players progress through the game, they can strengthen their relationships with these characters through the “Bond Diagram” feature, deepening their understanding of each character’s backstory and motivations.

The “Refrain Mode” allows players to experience an alternate storyline, where they can play as the opposing faction to unravel a different perspective on the main story. With its engaging combat system and in-depth character development, Shining Resonance Refrain offers an immersive gameplay experience for fans of Japanese RPGs.

Download Shining Resonance Refrain PS4 ROM

The download section for Shining Resonance Refrain PS4 ROM offers a seamless and quick experience for players to enjoy.

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