Tacoma PS4 Game ROM Download

Tacoma Game Details

Release Year 5/8/2018
Genre Adventure
Publisher Fullbright
Image Format PKG
Game Version 1.04
Language English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese,
Russian, Spanish
Required firmware Compatible 5.05 (Use HEN Here)
Multiplayer no
Age rating 17+

Are you a fan of epic open-world adventures? Look no further than the thrilling Tacoma PS4 game. Immerse yourself in a stunning sci-fi narrative. And now, you can experience this captivating game for yourself with the Tacoma PS4 Game ROM download.

Tacoma Storyline

In the game Tacoma, players take on the role of Amy, a contractor who has been sent to the abandoned space station Tacoma to retrieve AI data. As players explore the station, they uncover the stories and interactions of the previous crew members through a system called “AR” (Augmented Reality), which allows players to replay and manipulate holographic recordings of past events.

Players must piece together the mysteries of what happened to the crew and the station, using the AR system to navigate through the different timelines and uncover the truth behind the station’s downfall. As Amy delves deeper into the station’s history, she uncovers a web of relationships, secrets, and unexpected challenges that will test her strength and determination.

As the game progresses, players must make critical decisions that will ultimately determine the fate of the crew and the station. With its compelling storyline and immersive gameplay, Tacoma provides players with a unique and thought-provoking experience as they unravel the mysteries of the abandoned space station.

Download Tacoma PS4 ROM

In the download section of Tacoma PS4 ROM, you can access the game file for easy installation on your PlayStation console.

ID= CUSA11366 (USA)
Base PKG 1.48 GB 1Fichier – Uptobox – Gdrive
Update 1.04 PKG 784.06 MB 1Fichier – Uptobox – Gdrive
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