Improved RPCSX PlayStation 4 Emulator: Now Supports Audio & Gamepad

The development team behind the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 emulator, RPCSX, has unveiled a new version that introduces significant enhancements, including support for audio and gamepad functionality. A recently released video demonstrates the impressive progress of the emulator, showcasing Sonic Mania running flawlessly and at full speed on this promising PS4 emulator.

Sonic Mania, being a 2D game, may not fully stress the capabilities of a modern-day platform like the PlayStation 4. Nevertheless, witnessing a PS4 game running smoothly, devoid of visual glitches, and featuring proper audio, is undoubtedly a remarkable accomplishment.

In terms of game compatibility, the recent update does not alter the landscape significantly. RPCSX retains its unique capability to boot Bloodborne, a standout exclusive for the PS4. However, it’s important to note that despite this achievement, the emulator is not yet capable of providing a playable experience for this title on PC. This limitation could change as RPCSX continues to evolve and emulate the core functionalities of the PlayStation 4.

Drawing inspiration from the approach taken by the Yuzu and Ryujinx teams in their work on Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it is anticipated that RPCSX will eventually focus on bringing exclusive PS4 games, such as Bloodborne, into its fold. This emulation process is one of the contributing factors to the polished state of Nintendo Switch emulators.

It’s important to set realistic expectations; currently, it may not be feasible for RPCSX to flawlessly run resource-intensive titles like Shadow of the Colossus, Bloodborne, The Last Guardian, or Drive Club. Yet, looking to the future, the prospect of running titles like Drive Club at 4K resolution with a smooth 60 frames per second becomes increasingly viable. This is particularly enticing for PC users, as Sony has left Drive Club behind, limited to 1080p at 30fps on the PS4.

For those interested, the latest public version of RPCSX is available for download and you can download it from here.

To gain a deeper understanding of RPCSX’s progress, take a moment to watch the enlightening video below. As RPCSX continues its journey, developments in audio, gamepad integration, and graphical user interface enhancements are poised to enrich the emulator’s capabilities. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting advancement in the realm of PlayStation 4 emulation.

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